I'm Your Coach

I’m Your Coach offers leadership and team development, using business coaching, training, and change management techniques to help you succeed in business.

I help business owners, entrepreneurs and busy leaders find space to think, work through your challenges and find your own answers.

Based in Leicestershire and available to work anywhere, I’m a qualified coach, consultant and change management specialist.

I'm Your Coach

Leadership Challenges

Which best represents where you are today? 

Whatever the size of your business and stage of your career, as a leader you’ll most likely recognise some similar challenges:

  • Worrying about making the wrong decision
  • Needing support to make the next move
  • Considering the impact of your decisions on yourself and those around you
  • Thinking about the future, wondering if it’s now or never

I’ve been in your shoes! 
Leading busy, multi-faceted teams that require an adaptable approach to deliver for the board and shareholders and keep the business running. 
Reshaping business functions to improve culture, performance, 
productivity and service.
Developing teams to create great relationships that inspire and motivate. 

As a former punk, I’ve changed a lot – I love change, it can be exciting!

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How can we help today

I’m Your Coach offers leadership and team development to help you achieve positive and measurable results. Our aim is to help you maintain a successful and sustainable business. 
We combine our expertise with a range of methods, such as business coaching, consulting, training, and change management techniques. Whether you’re looking for personal or business growth, you choose the areas you would like to develop, and we help you to achieve the changes for your business.
Our focus is on the people within your organisation. Using an open-minded, collaborative approach, we will help you boost your business performance and productivity levels. We work with leaders, senior managers and executives, teams and individuals, to achieve positive, sustainable results.

Chemistry Session

It all starts with working out if we’re right for each other. We’re going to be working closely and building a relationship built on trust  – for you to reach your goals.

We’ll start with a chemistry session, where we meet and talk about what you’d like to change.  We’ll discuss my approach to working with you and you’ll get to experience a little of my coaching style. 

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