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Are you a leader?

Do you have a team?

Do you tell yourself …

“I need to make changes in my business to achieve results”

“And I need to do it now!”


I’m Your Coach offers tailored business coaching, training and consultancy for leaders like you and your teams, who want to make successful change in your business. To boost your business performance and achieve positive, sustainable results.

We use an open minded, collaborative approach, so you stay in control of your own choices and the changes you make to achieve sustainable change and positive results with personal and business growth.

Do you really want to achieve results and boost your business performance? 

Then I’m Your Coach!

I’m Jeanette Miller and we’ll work together to help you and your team make positive, sustainable change.

Get in touch to arrange your introduction to positive change for you, your team and your business, that starts today.

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An interactive and credible trainer with good facilitation skills in group activities. I will use this learning to help encourage a culture of evaluation in the business I work for.

David Cowan, Learning and Developement ConsultantAster

"Coaching with Jeanette was, without doubt, the most productive six-hours of self-development I've undertaken over my career. We began to focus on my new role and how I would approach leading a new team. Jeanette was a critical friend whose non-judgmental companionship helped me to challenge my thinking and decisions. Jeanette was instrumental in getting me off to the right start in my new role".

Stewart HerronHM Government

"Coaching is pulling the team together. We have learnt a lot by focussing on the strengths in the business, discovered by discussion and Jeanette's facilitation. The leadership team now have regular meetings to continue moving forwards with the plan and to implement agreed new systems."

Pete James, Managing Director Aerofab Fabrications

Jeanette is a gifted coach. I have found her confident and approachable with a great insight and there I believe lies her gift, to bring out those strengths to improve a person’s professional capabilities.

Orla FaheyNetwork Rail

It was a really refreshing process and amazing how open I was able to be. Coaching has clarified my thoughts and I now have a clear structured plan to move forward with, giving me confidence and a renewed enthusiasm in both my life and business goals

Andrew MaskallManaging Director, Brand Fusion

Jeanette encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and develop to achieve things I didn’t know I could do. I really appreciate how Jeanette helped me to develop and hope that I get to experience that again in the future.

Steph BrownProduct Specialist


As a business leader, what do you regularly tell yourself?


Do you tell yourself

“I need to make changes to boost my business performance and achieve results”.

“And I need to do it now!”

Whatever level of leader, or however established you are, I’m Your Coach helps you make positive change to achieve effective, sustainable results for personal and business growth.

We use an open minded, collaborative approach, tailored to you,  so you stay in control of your own choices and the changes you make.

Leaders who are focused, passionate and inspiring in their roles make good leaders. Add in confidence, integrity, authenticity and insightfulness to make great leaders!

The qualities of your leaders shape the culture of your business. Everywhere. At all levels.

Whatever business you’re in.

Let’s work together to make your change as a leader

  • Increasing your confidence and self-belief
  • Building your gravitas and credibility
  • Developing your inspiring and motivational qualities

“The future depends on what you do today”


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Would you like your team to work together productively to boost your business performance?


Collaborate with a collective thinking and shared purpose, developing qualities that benefit your business? I’m Your Coach works together with your teams to do just that, with a tailored approach, created just for them.

Facilitating creative, collaborative working to boost business performance with a shared thinking and purpose.

Using the same open minded approach used with Leaders, so you and your team stay in control of your own choices and the changes you make.

When teams are at their best, they’re on fire! Motivated, productive, creative, consistent and decisive. Speaking the same language and working together in harmony.

It takes a lot of different qualities to create a brilliant team and to help get them there. Sometimes it takes a while to know what qualities you already have in your team.

As Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

Well that’s a team!

When everyone is working together with every quality to cover every job, you truly have a team. They know it, you recognise it and your customers experience it.

Let’s work together to create your high performing team

  • Forming strong team relationships
  • Developing a cohesive, shared purpose
  • Building a positive culture in line with the company ethos
  • Producing brilliant service and experience for customers

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What do you want to do next? What about just thinking about you?

Just stop and think. About you. Just for a minute. Do you spend all your time thinking about others? What about you? What do you really want in your life?

Would you like to find a way to achieve your goals and make those lasting changes you’ve been hoping to make?

By taking some time for yourself and getting to know yourself better you can. Work with me and together we’ll develop you.

Take that first step to start thinking about yourself. So, you can achieve exactly what you want in your life.

Be brave and start thinking about yourself today

  • Getting past procrastination to get productive
  • Finding the confidence to tackle your challenges
  • Doing exactly what you want to do

It only takes a minute to get started

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Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple

Dr Seuss

Change Management

How do you like change to happen in your business?

How about purposefully, with choice and possibilities?

I’m Your Coach helps business leaders like you make change positively using an approach tailored just for you and your business. Working together collaboratively and with inspiration to achieve your business goals, adding value and demonstrating return on investment.

When there’s a need for some deeper thinking solutions, then ‘consultancy’ is what helps us to uncover the answers to your questions. We work together to plan what you need and get to the right answer for your business. Making positive change happen.

Let’s make positive change happen together

  • Change management
  • Culture change
  • Developing stakeholder relationships
  • Using an outside – in approach for organisational change
  • Being the impartial facilitator
  • Developing business strategy 

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Let’s discover your change solutions together

Then we can plan and create your structured deliverables in the form of training to support your changing business.

I’m Your Coach helps you first identify the need. Then together, we design the training programme tailored just right for your teams and business. We work together to choose the best delivery approach. Finally evaluating the success and added value your investment brings to your business.

Specialist areas of training

  • Managing change
  • Self-awareness development
  • People management soft skills

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We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them

Albert Einstein

"Jeanette's coaching has been invaluable, allowing me to gain perspective and make informed decisions about how to shape my career. She has the ability to really listen, allowing me to think aloud while guiding me to make connections and draw conclusions. With her empathetic pragmatic approach; she encourages you to share thoughts and then freely explore any issues or challenges in an open and non-judgemental way".

Mary Madigan, RecruiterOutsource UK Ltd

"Jeanette demonstrated several key attributes. A tremendous work ethic and a diplomatic and pragmatic approach dealing with a diverse range of stakeholders that enabled her to achieve the objective. The Industry People Strategy approved at the highest governance level within the industry. Jeanette is a role model. Adaptable, approached every challenge with enthusiasm and integrity and relished personal responsibility".

Tim Balance, Head of Operations and MaintenanceDigital Railway for Network Rail

One aspect of coaching I found valuable was how it helped me to re-think how I thought, looking and thinking outside the box. It’s been amazing, in these short few weeks, I have achieved a lot of things I never thought possible. It’s all by me learning a different, more direct approach.

Georgia BrattonSalon Manager, Scott Bailye

I received some extremely valuable 1:1 coaching from Jeanette. I was looking for advice about writing a piece of promotional material for my business. Jeanette helped me to clarify what I was trying to say and gave me some excellent ideas for future work.

Jane Hickman

Jeanette was able to bring together people of differing areas of expertise, motivation and interests and encouraged collaboration across wide boundaries, which had never been done before.

Shreena VyassCultural Change Agent Network Rail

There are times when you get the opportunity to work with someone who is a real professional - you know - someone who just seems to cover every angle. That was my first and enduring impression of Jeanette. The way that she dealt with all the hard stuff was so good...

Jerry JarvisDirector Jerry Jarvis Ltd

Jeanette Miller
BSc (Hons) Psychology

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About me

Almost 3 decades ago I started helping people to develop, creating leaders and helping teams work well together. I’ve helped businesses across public, private and not for profit industry sectors to transform, change and improve performance.  By using my skills and experience with different methods of coaching, mentoring, consultancy, training and leadership.

I now spend my working hours doing the stuff I love. Working with people like you to develop. Both individually and in teams, I help you to make lasting changes in your life and business. By helping you to do your best thinking, finding solutions to your change questions and developing you and your teams to boost your business performance.

My qualifications

I hold a BSc (Hons) Degree in Psychology and apply my coaching interventions from the basis of the psychological theories that underpins them. I keep the jargon outside of the sessions, unless you particularly wants to learn about the theory too.

I’m a Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), which means I’m aligned to a Code of Ethics and work within a framework of Core Competencies. At this point in time I’m also completing a Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching with the University of Chester as part of my continuing professional development.

Away from work

I live in Leicestershire with my husband and 3 cats, where I enjoy walking, spending time with my family and friends and travelling, especially to warmer climates or by train. I hope to take a trip on the Orient Express one day.

As I said at the start, I love doing this stuff and if change is what you’re looking for, I’d love to help you too. If that’s roused your curiosity just a little, do get in touch, it’s so much nicer to talk about this stuff.