I'm Your Coach

I'm Your Coach

I’m Your Coach offers leadership and team development, using business coaching, training, and change management techniques to help you succeed in business.

I help business owners, entrepreneurs and busy leaders find space to think, work through your challenges and find your own answers.

Based in Leicestershire and available to work anywhere, I’m a qualified coach, consultant and change management specialist.

Creating Positive Change

I’m Your Coach offers leadership and team development to help you achieve positive and measurable results. Our aim is to help you maintain a successful and sustainable business. We combine our expertise with a range of methods, such as business coaching, consulting, training, and change management techniques. Whether you’re looking for personal or business growth, you choose the areas you would like to develop, and we help you to achieve the changes for your business.

Our focus is on the people within your organisation. Using an open-minded, collaborative approach, we will help you boost your business performance and productivity levels. We work with leaders, senior managers and executives, teams and individuals, to achieve positive, sustainable results.

I'm Your Coach

How we can help today

• Are you a frustrated and lonely leader looking for a critical friend to challenge your thinking and decision making?
• Are you managing a team that needs to boost performance and productivity levels?
• Are you managing an individual who needs help with their own self-development?
• Are you an organisation looking to create long-lasting, positive and successful change?

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